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Here are some other people! They are not so important as I am, so you'll have to figure out what their deal is when you meet them in the comic, but take a look at them now, why not?:
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tisTree debates a very important member of the international holiday community on the subject of leprechauns.
tisTree: Prank Master
Spring has sprung, and tisTree challanges his friend Snowman to a friendly prank-off.
Egg Hunt
Snowman takes on some of tisTree's holiday duties. Meanwhile, secrets are hidden everywhere.
Snowman tries to find the perfect gift for his mother, on a limited budget.
Fireworks Occasion
tisTree hosts a barbecue, but Ivy wants to spoil everyone's fun. A beloved member of the community says good-bye.
tisTree's least favorite holiday rolls around, and Ivy is making him take some kids trick-or-treating. Snowman makes a new friend.
Advent Adventure
While Santa's away, tisTree and Snowman run errands in Christmas Village, in 12 parts.

You'll be able to make your own comics with a brand new TIS!TreeBuilder, and you'll even be able to edit certain existing tisTree comics to make the characters say rude, out of character things like "Happy Halloween" or "Goddamn Hell." Just be advised that you WILL be sued if you do so.

SirPaul McCartney Shrine
SirPaul McCartney was assasinated in 1966, by members of his own band, leading to the notorious "SirPaul Is Dead" trials. He came back to life only briefly, to write the song Wonderful Christmastime, and immediately after got brutally knighted. The image above is the last photo ever taken of him, and it shows him trying to high-five a mirror while playing with his GameBoy (not pictured.) He is my personal hero.
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