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Welcome, loyal listeners, to a special Easter episode of The Cool Room, the 25th most downloaded podcast in the North Pole!
Let's check in with Whirry the Fan
Haha Whirry's getting old!
Remember to send in your favorite Whirry moments for our upcoming 100th episode
My guest today is, and I hope I'm pronouncing this correctly, Jesus of Nazareth
I guess my first question is, why are you doing that with your hand? Are you about to go on a walk in a wooded area and want to keep spider webs out of your face?
I'm just catching up on my blessings. Hope you don't mind
No, not at all.
Not if you think your blessings are more important than this podcast
For the listeners at home, Jesus is making a sort of... motion with his hand
You can't see this, listeners
I'd demonstrate it for you, but...
Oh well, it doesn't matter!
I don't have hands and neither should you
Jesus, you're of course best known for your crucifixion and subsequent resurrection, atoning for the sins of mankind with your sacrifice.
Is there anything new you're working on that you'd like to plug?
Well there's the New Testament, I guess. I did that.
That was nearly two thousand years ago. Do you maybe want to discuss something a bit more recent?
And maybe something that wasn't done by a team of ghost writers?
I wasn't going to say anything, but I AM working on something new.
I clear up some misunderstandings people have about my previous work and also talk about some new ideas I've been thinking about lately.
There's our hook!
We're going to take a little break and when we come back Jesus will tell us about his new project
If you even TRY to forward through the break the file will IMMEDIATELY delete itself.
And you'll NEVER hear what Jesus has to say
Lots of sponsors this episode! Maybe I'll even be able to buy a microphone for the guests
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