Ivy, fanthy theeing you here!
Oh, it's you.
What's your name again? tisTeeth?
No, tithTree!
I have a requetht
Yes, tisTeeth?
I need a recording thtudio for my podcatht
A recording thtudio?
Usually I dread these little visits, but tisTeeth, a recording thtudio is a grand idea!
I could do a podcast about French cubist poets, or maybe my general malaise.
I can see it, cigarette smoke in the air, dancing a languid waltz with the lingering spirits of nights past and days yet to come...
Vol de l'amour et les rayures vides
But, alack, I cannot. I am far too busy for my own podcast.
Actually, the podcatht thtudio would be for me
YOU? But tisTeeth who under the sky's watery dome would EVER willingly listen to your voice?
Who are you to talk, you don't even talk!
You alwayth uthe a textht-to-thpeech program.
I refuse to waste my voice on someone like you.
Only my beau has heard it, in a few... intimate moments
You may have the room where we used to keep the old mainframes.
We'll see how long you last
Aw, thweet!
Thankth Ivy!