Aaaand we're into hour four of this podcast.
Jesus, you ever notice how if you listen to a whirring sound for a while you start to sort of hear words in it?
Hey, could you turn up the heat? It's a bit chilly.
Despite my complexion I come from a fairly hot climate
Would if I could
Hey wait a second, YOU'RE Jesus. Could you do a miracle and make it warmer in here?
Well, I shouldn't.
But it is REALLY cold
Here's a new miracle I've been practicing
Big deal, I've seen elven hoodlums do that with their lighters.
Well, I didn't use a lighter. See the difference, maybe?
Process doesn't matter to me! Only results.
And the current result is... you're not helping.
Oh, those are the sprinklers.
Why- WHY do you do the show here?
Jesus, you know a little something about not giving up. Even after you died you wouldn't give up
They gave me this awful room, no equipment, these gosh dang fans and they told me I wouldn't last a day, but here I am almost 100 episodes later
Just like you I keep coming back, just to prove them wrong.