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There are Easter Eggs here.
Can you find them?
Hello tiny kids! tisTree sent me here to run the Annual Easter Egg Hunt in his place this year, he is too busy for you right now!
Who's tisTree?
Santa's most important helper and my bestest friend! Weird you don't know him
Actuwally, cold man, my daddy is Santa's Most Impowtant Helpwer
Sometimes I pretend MY dad is an astronaut!
Anyway, Ivy offered us this abandoned dungeon for our Egg Hunt...
But I don't think she realized what a nice day it would be!
So your teacher and I laid down this AstroTurf instead
And I hid the eggs!
I hid one behind a flowerpot, that one is EXTRA tough
WOW, look at the fun they're having
No, I found the egg!
I saw it first
I found it before you!
Liar! I pointed it out to you!
I found an egg too!
It was behind the flower pot. That's the tricky one.
Hey! No faiw!
You can't pway!
Why not? We're all having fun
You're the one who hid them, that's cheating
Anyway, you're too old for Egg Hunt
I'm only one year old
Also, I already forgot where I hid them
Not in snowman yeaws! You guys only live for like thwee months at most.
Wow, you must be ANCIENT
I didn't think I was that old...
Go pway with the big kids. Just stay out of my way, dumbdumb!
Dilla-dilla-dilla-dilla Delilah
you're my
Dilla-dilla-dilla-dilla delight,
Hey big kids! I'm supposed to play with you
Do you wanna jam 'bout sexual frustration and how much you hate crumbs who tell you what to do?
Sure! Just tell me how
Dillan, I can't deal with this jive bunk
Step off, daddy-o!
I don't understand
Let's split
What a ratchet square
Nice me-eeeting you-u-u!
Hey Jack, is your Delilah song secretly about me?
What!? NO! C'mon Dillan...