Spring has sprung, Plant.
I read that.
Spring at the North Pole, that wonderful time of year when the temperature rises all the way to well, well, WELL below freezing.
Oh, hi tisTree! I was actually talking to Plant.
You come up with that name on your first try, Snowman?
Yeah! Isn't it perfect?
I'm taking care of him while the weather is warm! Flowers aren't blessed with long life like we are.
Wow. That's really great
April Fool's! Gotchya
What do you mean
April fools?
Are there different months of fools?
It's a holiday where you do mean things to people you love, and then they try to prove that they can take a joke.
I don't celebrate it, because I don't have anybody I'm particularly fond of. This year, though, I decided we'll be pranking each other.
If you need me to explain pranks I have a pamphlet.
No, uh, I know pranks! If you want to give me the pamphlet anyway, though...
Great! Make sure to strike when I least expect it!
I got you a present, but it's NOT related to April Fools. Just a belated St. Patrick's Day gift!
What are you waiting for, click on i- open it!
Okay, but you should know I'm deathly afraid of snakes in a can, even when they're in a box.
So, uh, don't be scared, okay?
I know this LOOKS like an ordinary, still image that's slowly zooming in, but that's all about to change.
At this point you should turn down your volume, I don't want your earsies getting hurt!
here it comes in
That prank gets me every time! It's like, I think I see it coming, but then I don't see it coming!
That is a very good beginner's April Fool's prank, Snowman. Maybe in time you'll get as good at it as I am.
What's your prank gunna be?
I don't know, why don't you ask your friend Plant, since you like talking to him so much more than me.
He's down there.
You might not get this prank, it's very sophisticated. It uses dramatic irony and... port-man-toe.
Oh... now I get it.
tisTree, you're a prank master!